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¡Hola! To make sure we match you with the right classmates we'd love to get to know you first. Are you a First Time Student?

¡Bienvenido! We always offer a one-on-one first class for $19. During this time, we'll help you understand where you're at with the language. We'll also talk about your needs, goals and personal likes and dislikes. This will help us determine which class and tutor will be best for you!

Great! Here's what you need to know:

1. In order to  join a Small Group Class you'll need to fill out this short form and submit your payment below.
2. All classes are held at Simple Spanish HQ:
3. Small Group Classes are sold per packages of 9 hours. Price per hour is $30, in total $270.

Cancellation Policy:
Because you will be studying in a group setting, if you can't make it to your class, you will miss the lesson and you'll still be charged for that time. 

Make Up Classes:
While your tutor will email you all the material your classmates reviewed in class, you are welcome to apply for a Make Up Class. The price for a private one-on-one make up classes is $46/hour.
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